About CBC

COMESA Business Council

CBC is the recognized Business Member Organization, established as a private sector institution of COMESA. We represent the interests of businesses sectors at a regional level.  The services provided go beyond advocacy, to actively promote business participation in regional integration, investment and global trade. This is done by facilitating the growth of strong business synergies, the development of business opportunities, business alliances, legislative and strategic advocacy. We provide custom tailored services that are driven by both industry and enterprise interests.

Our Story
As a member, you benefit from the following:

  • Advocacy excellence in the region – influence decisions at the highest levels of policy decision makers in COMESA.
  • Regional brand recognition as a business through CBC
  • Market intelligence and analysis to inform trade, investment and joint venture decisions.
  • Increased partnerships in regional and global markets.
  • Business facilitation in regional and global markets through trade promotion, linkages and advisory services.
  • Technical capacity development and Industry collaboration of CBC memberships for efficiency and sustainability of enterprises and associations.

The CBC Regional Mandate

CBC was established as one of the eight organs of COMESA, to provide a link and facilitate dialogue between the business community and other interest groups and other organs of the Common Market. It is charged with:

  1. Driving the Creation of an Enabling Environment for the Private Sector: The Member States agree to provide an enabling environment for the private sector to take full advantage of the Common Market.
  2. Strengthening the Private Sector: The Member States shall endeavor to adopt programs to strengthen and promote the role of the private sector as an effective force for the development, progress and reconstruction of their respective economies.
  3. Driving Co-operation among Chambers of Commerce and Other Business Organizations: The Member States undertake to co-operate in promoting common measures to ensure the strengthening of linkages among chambers of commerce (COMESA Treaty Chapter 23, Article 151-153).